Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So, we've been pretty busy lately. And, of course, I didn't bring my camera to any of the fun things we've done lately!! My parents and sisters came and stayed with us for a few days, then we went to Reno for my grandpa's 80th birthday, then we went to a water park...we've just been very busy having summer fun!! Here is a picture from yesterday, we went to lunch at Leatherby's with Nana and aunt Heather. Heather gets married in 10 days, and taylen had to go get her flower girl dress fitted and altered, so we went to lunch afterwards. Anyway, just thought I'd post something, even if it's not too exciting :) Taylen looks cute...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just hanging out

Warning: This video is not very exciting.
Just Ryah giving us a smile. But she is
pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself :)

All dressed up...

Here's Ryah at 7 weeks old! Chubby
cheeks and crazy hair. Just how I like em.

New Hobby

So I have found a new hobby! I figured that since I've got 2 girls who will wear many bows over the next ten years, I might as well learn how to make them! So I've been experimenting all weekend, and here is my first headband! I think it turned out so cute!!

Brad's Ten Year Reunion

We went to Brad's 10 year reunion last weekend. Go Thundering Herd! (That was totally his mascot...not kidding.) Anyway, there was a mediocre dinner, a sucky dj, and a bunch of drunk people. My kind of party!! Totally worth $90 a plate. haha. It was pretty fun, though...mostly because it was fun to watch Brad hanging out with his old friends. He had a really good time. Oh, and a girl professed her undying love to him (through her tears) while her husband was telling me we should hang out as couples but that he really just wanted to spend more time with me because I am so gorgeous. I am totally not lying. If you want the whole story, email me and I'd be happy to share. Ha ha. We will go ahead and NOT hang out with that couple. ever.