Saturday, September 13, 2008


You have all been missing me terribly, right?!

I knew it.

So it's been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything on either of my blogs. Let me explain:

I met an amazingly hot guy who has fallen madly in love with me and I'm spending every spare moment in his arms.

Or not. :) haha!

The real (less juicy) truth is that I started grad school. And I love it!! I'm in class 3 nights a week, and working three days a week, and doing mom stuff in between. Oh, and waking up early and staying up late to get all my reading done for class. Which (surprisingly) leaves very little time for blogging. Or showering.

I am finally starting to feel like my life is not hell on earth. Even though to some of you it would be :). I seriously am in love with the Master's program I am in. I love my teachers. I love the students in my classes. It's been 3 weeks and I already feel a bond with them. Since this is a therapy based program, classes tend to be sort of...therapeutic. :) So so so so glad I decided to go back to school.

Also, I've finally made some decisions about my life that have been hanging over my head for months. Like whether I should move to San Diego, or stay in Sacramento. Long story...but I've decided to stay in Sacramento. And I feel really peaceful about that choice. Huge relief to have finally come to a decision about that. My life is starting to settle into a bit of a routine (crazy, freakishly busy routine...but a routine, nonetheless). It feels good. And it's about darn time. :)

Ryah update: We had her tested for allergies because the poor kid has just been throwing up pretty much her entire life. Turns out she's got some serious ones. Normal is .375 or below. She is a 1.2ish for peanuts. Lame. She is a 2.5ish for dairy. Really lame. And she is a 6.7ish for eggs. WHAT?!?! Holy mink! Poor thing! No wonder she's been sick and barfy all the time! Practically everything I was feeding her had dairy, eggs, or peanuts! Seriously...what 1 year old's diet isn't entirely made up of cheese, yogurt, milk, bread, and peanut butter sandwiches? So, she's officially on soy milk. And green beans. And that's about it. haha. If any of you know any awesome vegan meals, let me know. Ryah's getting sick of all 3 things she's allowed to eat.

What else...

Yeah...that's about it for now.

I will try and post every once in a while, but it will not be as frequent as it's been in the past. Luckily for you all, I've gotten my sister Brooke hooked on blogging, and she's almost as entertaining as me. :) Almost.

And now I've got to go prepare for the fight. Because when Brooke reads this she'll laugh and disagree with me, and then I'm going to punch her in the gut. Because I could use a little more drama in my life right now...

I'll let ya know how it turns out.