Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh beaver.

Brooke and I are on our way to church today.  We see a BEAVER running down the middle of road, going the opposite way as us.  

Seriously?  A beaver?


A cute, happy little guy.  Running along with his big, beaver teeth and his big, beaver tail.

So we (naturally) make an illegal u-turn so we can try to rescue this little creature.

And by rescue I do not mean sneak up from behind, shove it in our jackets, and hope we don't get rabies from our new pet.  I mean try to bang pots and pans together to scare it back into the field so it doesn't get smooshed by oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately I do not carry pots and pans around with me in my car.  And by the time we turned around, the little guy was gone.

So we turned around again (headed back the original way) and we see the little sucker on the side of the road, with a hawk or (insert large bird of prey here) swooping at it.  

Immediate parkage on the side of the road.  Running in our church clothes, dodging traffic and looking for our beaver friend. Brooke happens to be wearing a flannel shirt-dress, which is sort of woodsy looking, so maybe the beaver will be drawn to her.  Turns out, he's not.

We can't find him.  He's a mysterious disappearing beaver!  So we head back to the car. 

And as we're running back to the car brooke says, "This is so not the right bra for catching beavers!  I need my beaver bra!"

Don't we all, Brooke.  Don't we all.


brookebaby said...

a bra made of beavers.

Nikki said...


Kristina said...

"sort of woodsy-looking, so maybe the beaver will be drawn to her."

awesome line. laughed for like five minutes.

The Shaws said...

Wow, the adventures with the Schroeder girls, I laughed out loud...and to think the show will be moving to Utah to star Brooke and Kristina.

Kristina, ditto. And, Brooke has to be the only girl on the earth who can pull of flannel to church.

The Naven Family said...

LoL! You are so funny!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!!

Tara Lynn said...

your life is way more eventful than mine...I think I probably bore everyone out of their minds on my blog. :)

Kari said...

Hilarious! The flannel woodsy shirt-dress is cracking me up! Should really get some nice really fast beaver boots to go with your woodsy dress Brooke!

brookebaby said...