Thursday, May 17, 2007


I cannot decide on a name. I just keep going back and forth between 3 of them. I guess it just depends on my mood when the kid is born. Seriously if she was born a month ago she would've been Paige. A week ago and she would be Paisley. And today she would be Ryah. So i have no idea. And now they're all sounding gross to me because i keep saying them over and over and i'm starting to go crazy and I'm thinking that maybe i'll just let Taylen name her. In which case she will probably be named George, after Taylen's favorite monkey. That has a nice ring to it. George Nicole Crandall. Sold.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pictures of our house

3 year anniversary

Wow. Three years of marriage. Crazy. We went to dinner and then got a couple's massage. It was fun, but I would rather have just been in my own room. Every time Brad's lady (ha ha) would tell him to roll over, or ask if the pressure was right, it would pull me out of my massaged bliss. Basically, it was kind of distracting to have someone else in the room. Nice idea, but next time we'll be in different rooms :)
P.S. 6 weeks to my due date!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Daddy Daughter Time

Cute Taylen, ready for church!

Dad and Tay had a book picnic in the front yard...
What a good Sunday afternoon activity while mom makes
dinner :) Plus, it makes a good photo op!