Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

We went to the Sacramento County Fair for Memorial Day. We fed the farm animals, ate food, went on lots of rides (even a real pony ride), and got faces painted! All in all it was a good time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun with Brooke

My sweet Ryah...she has been so fun lately. She is walking all over the place, and she thinks its so fun...laughing and squealing all the time.

With Aunt Brooke

They have the same "I'm excited" face.


Tay would rather play with the yogurt than eat it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Utah Trip

So me and Tay and Ryah went to Utah this past weekend, and it was so fun! My old BYU roomie, Chantelle, got married, and all the old roommates were able to come out for it. It was so fun! The girls did great on the plane, we stayed with my aunt and uncle and played and ate and ate and played. And it was just a much needed break for me. Here are some pictures:
Tay was so happy to be at the reception

Lauren and Ellie, me and Ryah. These two were born 3 days apart...

The sweet car I drove around all weekend. Thanks Holly and Russ!

AHAHA!! Okay, this picture is awesome. We were doing our cross eyes for the picture, but Taylen looks like she's just normally like this, funny.

The bride and groom

Taylen's favorite part of the reception: throwing rice! I love this picture.

Studio 34 Reunion!!

Here's the 6 of us!! From left to right:
Suzanne and baby Addison, Me, Chantelle (the beautiful bride), Tressa and baby Bentley, Paige, Lauren and baby Ellie.
I love these girls...

Chantelle and Nick got married in a beautiful chapel right next to the Capitol building in Salt Lake. The ceremony was really beautiful, and I bawled through the whole thing. Here we are with the Capitol building behind us, right outside the chapel.
And I totally ruined this picture by not having my baby with me...

Me and Lo

Me and Paigey Pie (she's totally holding Stella down out of the picture)

With Tressa

Sweet Story

So I was at my old BYU roommate's bridal shower, and Taylen came up to me and said, "I have a surprise for you." I'm looking at this thing in her hand and I can't tell what it is. I ask her where she got it, and she said,
"It came out of my bottom, so I just grabbed it."
HAHAHAHAH!! Oh my gosh! I seriously almost peed my pants, and I'm pretty sure all my roommates were crying they were laughing so hard. So I composed myself, and then took a picture and cleaned her up. Enjoy this beautiful picture of my sweet three year old holding a shiny piece of poop in her hand. haha.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ear today, gone tomorrow

So, took Ryah Bear to the doctor. Here's the update: She's got an ear infection. Her fever was 99.7, and she was pretty darn listless at the doctor's office. He said the ear infection could explain the vomiting, so she's on antibiotics for the next 10 days. If the vomiting continues after that, then we'll look into a possible food allergy. She threw up again last night, but hopefully this will be the last time.

I gave her a dose of the antibiotics and some tylenol for her fever last night, and by morning she was a much happier little girl.

Thanks for your thoughts...let's just hope the vomiting goes away...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worried About Ryah

So I'm looking for advice here...

When Ryah was a baby she was TERRIBLE. She literally cried all the time. I tried a bunch of different kinds of formula, and when I finally put her on soy formula she was like a different child. My doctor told me to start her on regular cheese and yogurt at 9 months, and regular milk at 12 months because most babies outgrow their sensitivity to milk products.

So at 10 months I gave Ryah her first taste of cheese. She chowed it down. She then threw up all through the night (which I didn't notice until later), and 4 or 5 times at church. And I'm talking projectile vomit. And in Relief Society she was literally choking on it...I had to take her out of class and everyone was concerned that she wasn't breathing. It was so scary. She never had a fever, but threw up 3 more times that day. And then she was fine.

Fast forward one week, she throws up at daycare. No fever, acting normal, and nothing else after that.

Fast forward to last thursday, she throws up in the morning, no fever, acting normal. (Mind you this is not spit up...there is a distinct difference. It is slimy, and has that acidic smell...definitely throw up.)

Fast forward to today: I'm at work and get a pohone call from our day care girl who says that Ryah has been sleeping all morning, then threw up a ton, and has a 101 degree fever.

What is going on with this girl?! In the last 2 weeks she has thrown up close to 20 times! I am leaving work soon to take her to the doctor, and I really think this is more than a bug. I think she's got some sort of food allergy (possibly dairy), or something that's just not quite right in her little body.

And don't even get me started on my health insurance right now...that's for another post. Anyway, I just hope that this is nothing serious...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Emmalee's Baptism

Me and Ryah
Sarah and I (we sang a duet, and I made this face through the whole thing)

A visit from the fam

A month ago my parents and my sister and her boyfriend came to hang out with us for the weekend. It was loads of fun. Here are some random pictures...

Me, Mamacita, Sister Waggles

We have the same eyes. Yes we do.

Making cookies with Grandma

I know--we look like twins.

Me, Calee, and the parents.

Lots to come

So I left my blog on a depressing post and then didn't post anything for a week...have you guys been wondering if I'm still alive? haha. I am. And kicking.

I've actually got a lot of stuff to post about, but I'll have to do pictures tonight when I get home.
Last Saturday I sang at Brad's little sister's baptism, then my sister Brooke moved in with me (yipee!). Ryah turned 10 months old on Wednesday and is totally walking. Not kidding. Taylen was the same way. And I think that about does it for this week.

So I will post pictures of the baptism, my sister, and footage of the Bear walking around later.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm hanging in there... :)