Thursday, May 17, 2007


I cannot decide on a name. I just keep going back and forth between 3 of them. I guess it just depends on my mood when the kid is born. Seriously if she was born a month ago she would've been Paige. A week ago and she would be Paisley. And today she would be Ryah. So i have no idea. And now they're all sounding gross to me because i keep saying them over and over and i'm starting to go crazy and I'm thinking that maybe i'll just let Taylen name her. In which case she will probably be named George, after Taylen's favorite monkey. That has a nice ring to it. George Nicole Crandall. Sold.


Hilary Wiest said...

Hey nikki! don't worry what ever name you pick will be cute, bc your cute girl will make it cute. It might not matter much this week, but my vote is Ryah- that's so fun. I hope u guys r doing well and enjoying the sunshine. How did u get your "onetruemedia" slideshow on your blog? I made one but I don't know how to post it. Hit me back w a comment on mine-- thanks girl

itsjustsuz said...
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itsjustsuz said...

Nik, George sounds great! There's a guy at work who named my baby Hester...I don't know which is worse. Only one more month until your due date, I can't believe that!!! Seriously, time has flown by, you could have a baby anyday, really.

Anyway, hope all is always, I miss you and wish you were closer! Talk to you soon.

Love, Suz

P.S. Your house is so fun!! And it looks NOTHING like it did in my dream... :) Someday I'll come see it, I promise

P.P.S. I had te delete my original comment because I had a grammatical error and it was driving me crazy

Brooke Schroeder said...

name her Blaine

The Kane's said...

I really like Ryah, it is really cute. I had the hardest time with Kayla as well and even after we named her I wasn't satisfied. It works now though!

Anonymous said...

Clem. seriously. clem

And if you need a middle name, Clem.

So, it's Clem Clem Crandall. :)

happy to help

wisweener said...

ahahahahahha!! i haven't read this in so long. and i'm sitting here in the middle of the night taking a break from studying for finals.

maybe its the lack of sleep talking, but i'm pretty sure i laughed really hard at the george comment. i'm naming all my kids after my favorite monkeys.

and clem clem, obviously. george clem clem crandall.

hahaha. oh man. i need to go to bed. don't you wish you were still at byu!!