Monday, June 18, 2007

39 Weeks

So I just got back from another doctor's appointment and here's the update: I am one centimeter dilated and the baby's head is down and the cervix is soft, but not effaced. My doctor said she wouldn't object to inducing me later in the week, but that she couldn't recommend it with the gusto she would like. So, she basically told me there could be some safety risks, but it was up to me. I told her I would wait. I'm not totally miserable (yet), and I would rather not risk something going wrong. She tried to strip my membranes as best she could, and then told me to come back next monday. So, there ya go. I have a feeling that if the weekend rolls around and I'm still pregnant, I am really not going to be very pleasant to be around :). Hopefully things will just happen on their own before then (for everyone's sake).

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Anonymous said...

You are pregnant,
Oh so very pregnant,
yes, you're pregnant,
no sister yet for Tay

(sung to Allouette)

too busy to finish my composition. Someone will have to help me.