Saturday, June 23, 2007

Here She Is!!


Brian & Hilary Wiest said...

Ohhh Nikki, congrats!! Ryah is beautiful, I wish I had that much beautiful hair now! Your little family is so cute! Good luck with two, you can do it! I hope Taylen will adjust sooner rather than later :) take care girl

Anonymous said...

Yay for babies!!! Yay for Grand daughters!! Yaaaayyyyyyy for Nikki.

I love you honey.


wisweener said...

first of all, thank you for having that song in the background.

secondly, thank you for having such beautiful little babies and then taking adorable pictures of them together and making me cry.

and last but not least, thank you for having calee hold your baby before me and taking an adorable picture of that too and not making me jealous in any way.


p.s. the 3rd thing is a total lie by the way. muahahaha.

love you pickle!!

...And Baby Makes Four said...

Congrats!! Sarah told me Brad missed it. How sad!! Hopefully someday (obviously in the not too near future) we'll get to hang out with you guys.

The Shaws said...

YAY, NIK! She's finally here, I can't believe it. Congratulations on your new little monkey baby :) J/K, she is so precious! And i love the name Ryah. Hopefully she'll have her college roommates here soon! Good luck this next little while, we'll talk soon!

Love ya,

judy said...

What a wonderful mother!! I don't even want to imagine how smart Ryah is going to be, i can't get over Taylen and her smartness. U R making it harder for me to want kids because i'm terrified that they are going to be DUMB! Keep up the hard work. -Rachel

The Morgans said...

Congratulations! Ryah is beautiful and I can't believe how great you already look after having a baby.

AshbyFamily said...

Congrats on Baby was nice to see Taylan put froggie down long enough to hold her new baby sister. We're really happy for you and hope you are feeling well.


Natalie Todd said...

Congrats Nicki and Brad! She is DARLING and Taylen is getting so big and such a cute older sister. We miss you guys and hope to visit some time. Good luck with your two girls!! We loved the vid!