Thursday, February 21, 2008

Almost Tahoe

My mom was up here this past week visiting me, and it was so SO nice to have her. Her parents live in Reno, so one of the days we met them halfway in Soda Springs (somewhere near Tahoe). We had lunch at a little restaraunt, and then Taylen played in the snow. We payed $5 for her to go sledding, and she had a blast. She went with me a couple times, and then wanted to go by herself. She even caught air a few times! She loved the snow. Except I forgot her gloves, so I put an extra pair of socks on her hands, ha ha. Ghetto. We only lasted about 3o minutes, but it was 30 minutes of chilly fun!
Here's Tay and my mom's dad...Great Grandpa McBride

Ryah and my mom

Collecting people's trash...what a good citizen.


Neese Family said...

How fun is that! My kids love the snow, but I am sure glad we don't have any here! How fun for all of you!

Adam, Kandis, & Miss Kenedee said...

Taylen is such a cutie! And you look fabulous!!!!!!!

Kristina said...

First of all, mom and you look really pretty in your pictures. Like super pretty.

Second of all, Gramps looks scary with his beard and I hope I never have to see him in person with that. I can't believe Taylen wasn't crying.

Third, there is snow here and you should come play with me instead. Bring mom and grandpa it can be a party.

But only if he shaves his beard.

Brooke said...

Kristina's right, you two do look beautiful. And I thought your g-pa looked cozy, like santa! Looks like you guys had fun!

Cardon Family said...

It looks like Taylen loved the snow! How fun! And that is such exciting news about your mom! She looks great and so do you!

RachelBarker said...

How fun! We all have been saying we want to take Tay to go sledding along with all of us. But did she get bored after a few runs? You look beautiful in that white sweashirt with the snow behind you.

Anonymous said...

Would you look at all my beautiful girls in these shots!! Wow!!!

It's all really pretty except that one homeless guy.

snow. I don't know how I feel about that.