Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check it

So, some of you might remember that I have another blog. Have Joy.

My little Have Joy blog has been feeling very neglected lately. I'm sorry, Have Joy. I have been ignoring your needs. I will ignore them no longer.

I am making a goal to post something new (and hopefully remotely entertaining) Monday through Friday on Have Joy. Starting today.

So if you're feeling crazy, or bored, or intrigued, or hungry, or angry, or antsy, or happy, or irritated, or tired, or confused, or curious, or ashamed, or enlightened, or like you have to go to the bathroom (especially if you have to go to the bathroom), then you should go check it out:

Have Joy

By the way, did you know that most people only have an emotional vocabulary of 6-7 emotion words to describe how they're feeling? Test it out. Try and come up with 10. And you can't use any of the ones I used up there. Good luck, good people. Good luck.


Kristin said...

Frustrated, starving, upset, delirious, manipulated, excited, heavy, overwhelmed, anxious, and elated. It was hard, especially to not repeat your words and it took some thinking!

Calee said...

Irate, constipated, cranky, lazy, sappy, giddy, worried, underwhelmed (- can you ever be just...'whelmed'?? - mt!), content, relieved, incredulous, alarmed, etc... I threw in a couple extra just in case you don't think 'constipated' should count. Although, I know I've been emotionally constipated before.

Sorry if that's TMI. peas.

brookebaby said...

(especially if you have to go to the bathroom) hahahahaha. awesome. woeful, manic, pensive, stoic, fascinated, nauseated, perturbed, junk-punched, crotchdamp, fleshy, freckle-resistant, pirate-mouthed.

Misi said...

sexy, sleepy, stunned, insightful, elated, ponderous, joyful, ditsy, motivated, creative.

love you!