Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Starlets Solo

Taylen went to my mom's preschool singing group while
we were in San Diego. Once a week, 2 kids got to sing a solo
on the microphone and get a treat, and Taylen was SO excited
when it was finally her turn! I was worried she would chicken out,
because she just sat silently through each class while she was there.
She never did the motions or anything during the classes, and she was the youngest one there by a year, but when solo time came, she was a pro! I was a proud mom :)

P.S. Sorry the video is bouncy, I was holding a fussy 3 month old while I tried to video tape this.


RachelBarker said...

Doesn't suprise me!!! She is the smartest lill' thing EVER! Gosh, I'm kinda scared because if my kids dont meet up to Tay standards,i'm going to start to wonder/freak out. j/k but yet i'm serious.

Julia Kelly said...

SOOO dang cute...almost made me cry it was so cute! :)

The Morgans said...

Taylen did such a good job, she didn't even seem nervous or shy, I am impressed!